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"Yuri, just wanted to say thanks for a great book! I do want to say that you have put all the information all together rather nicely. I like the action steps and the raw food recipes are like a breath of fresh air. I was getting pretty tired of the same old stuff but your book is so refreshing. I will recommend your book to others as I think they will appreciate the fact that it is easy to understand. Thanks again for all that you are doing."

Martha Trahan
Orange, Tennessee


"I have explored the realm of raw eating before, but Eating For Energy was effortless to read and understand and included wonderfully, simple recipes that were easy to make. I have lost 10 of the 20 pounds that I need to and feel energetic and healthy. Thanks for the great book."

Doreen M.
Vanderhoof, British Columbia


"Yuri's Eating for Energy program has given me my life back. Having fybromyalgia, being told that there was nothing that doctors could do for the pain except narcotics was unacceptable to me. With the help of some great alternative doctors and Yuri's program i am almost 100% pain free in just a couple of months, without any medication. Thanks a million Yuri!"

Bobbi Todd
Whitecourt, Alberta


"Eating For Energy has further opened my eyes to the extensive improprieties in the cultivating and manufacturing of foods for mass consumption, and the potential dangers of eating these foods. Now, at least 90% of the produce I buy is organic. Additionally, this book helped me to balance and fortify my raw vegan diet and to make sure I am getting enough of everything my body needs. Yuri's food combining insights are extremely helpful for maximum digestion and absorption. After just a few short weeks on this diet, I have never felt better!"

Bill Mayer
Los Angeles, California


"Yuri, I am really very happy with your book! I love your book, because you showed me the importance of raw food and taught me throughout the book about all the aspects of the relation between food and health. I almost finished reading the book and I am eating more and more raw food.

In 1992 I got Lyme's disease and got all kinds of serious health problems. It was not before ten years later, that the neurologist discouvered the bacteria. Last year they noticed that after all the treatment it is still there!! So you can imagine how my health is!

I am now 63 years young and, among other problems, I got arthritis and am reluctant to take all the necessary medication. BUT, despite this reality YOUR BOOK HAS HELPED ME TREMENDOUSLY. I AM REALLY HAPPY I ORDERED IT... IT COULD BE THE KEY TO MY PROPHECY !!!!!! I CAN NOW SAY: IT ÍS !!!! Much love and thanks!"

Shanti Van Oers
Waaire, Netherlands


"Yuri, Thank you so much for writing this book! Since I started reading, I have changed my lifestyle forever with better food choices and exercise routines (from your podcasts). I have lost over 17lbs and I have more energy than ever, which is good since "40" is right around the corner. Thanks again!

Aaron Shepard
Burbank, California


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