Why Eat Raw Food


by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Author, Eating for Energy

The idea of eating nothing but raw foods is hardly new. Since the beginning of recorded time, people have been eating raw foods. With the ancient introduction of fire, mankind began to move away from eating what nature provided in abundance, and began to consume items that previously, were inedible. In the last few years, the idea of going back to our roots as people in terms of our consumption of foods has become more popular among a growing population of the healthy eating community. But simply eating one way because it is the way that things had been done in the past is hardly a good enough reason. So, why should a modern person make the change to eating raw foods?

The biggest reason that many people choose to try the raw food diet is for the weight loss that is usually associated with this style of eating. Why does this happen? What is it about raw foods that encourage weight loss? One of the biggest reasons that this style of eating means fewer pounds and inches is that it encourages people to become more conscious of what they are putting into their bodies. No more can you simply run out to the fast food restaurant on the corner for a hamburger and fries. Instead, the raw food diet will make people look at their consumption habits, and that allows people to choose healthier food options. Raw foods as a staple of your diet means no more cookies, but more raw fruits.

Raw foods also provide an energy increase that is hard to match with any other dietary change. The foods you consume in this diet are more easily absorbed by the body, and turned into fuel that your body can burn. Of course, this reflects well on the first point, as well. Providing your body with a supply of easy-to-access energy teaches it not to hang on to extra fats for the lean times, and the added energy aids in your athletic fitness goals, allowing you to work harder, burning more fat and building more muscle.

This creates overall better health. Raw foods are consumed, and turned into energy. The body then learns not to store that energy, but to make it available for increased mental acuity and physical activity. That allows you to become more physical, which burns calories and helps to burn fat, build muscle, and lose inches. That is not to say that you could not achieve similar results with a cooked food diet, but a raw food eating plan does allow for a simpler method of eating, with quicker preparation and more confidence that practically every food item available to you is one that will assist you in healthier living.

Our ancestors may have eaten raw simply due to necessity and a lack of ways to cook, but it may actually have been a better way to consume the energy they needed in order to survive. Today, you don’t need to eat to survive in a similar way, but eating raw can certainly help you to do more than simply live to eat.



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