Weight Loss Benefits of Eating Raw Foods


by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Author, Eating for Energy

When a good number of people begin to eat a diet high in raw foods, it is not because that was what our ancestors ate, or to be more ecologically conscious. No, for many people, the reasons for choosing not to cook their foods struck much closer to home. Obesity has come close to epidemic proportions in many parts of the western world, due to our sedentary lifestyles and unhealthy eating habits. But with the raw food diet, many people are looking to break free from a lifetime of poor eating habits, and use the power of raw foods to combat their weight issues. There are a number of reasons to try a raw food diet, even if many other methods of weight control have failed for you in the past.

For one thing, eating raw will likely make you feel more full, more often. Many diet plans in the past have focused on reducing and limiting a person’s diet, restricting their intake of calories. This is the main cause of yo-yo dieting, as those who look to lose weight can only stay on these restrictive plans for so long, before falling back into comfortable old eating patterns. It is not a pleasant feeling to be hungry all of the time. A diet high in raw foods will allow you to eat more at each meal, and what you do consume will stay with you longer in terms of energy and that good ìfullî feeling that many associate only with nutritionally poor foods.

Of course, when you choose better foods, you eliminate fast food ñ one of the main culprits in many people’s weight problems. If you choose to stick with a raw food diet, you cannot do so and continue to patronize the average fast food restaurant ñ there is simply nothing on the menu that will work for you. Instead, you will have to make your own meals. This will not take as long as you might think, and will allow you to really get to know what fuels you are putting into your body.

Those fuels will also give you more energy for exercise. Fruits and vegetables provide an nearly instantaneous kick of energy when consumed, which you can use for prolonged activity and exercise. Even if you simply spend more time walking with this new-found energy, that additional exercise will benefit you in your battle with the bulge.

And of course, those raw foods will provide your body with essential nutrients and vitamins that you were very likely lacking in before, or only getting through the use of pills and supplements. Now, you will have a ready source of many of the vitamins you need in every meal, rather than having to choke down a dozen pills each day. These vitamins and nutrients will help to keep your body healthy, which in turn will assist you in reducing your weight. Sick time is down time, which means very little in the way of activity and exercise.

In the end, a raw food diet will give you, not only the weight loss benefits you desire, but a new way at looking at the food you consume, and how it affects your body and mind.



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