How to Stop Feeling Bloated?

by Jessica Dale
Author, How to Cure Candida


If you are wondering why you feel bloated all the time the answer may be more complex than just the food you are eating.

Over 90% of the population has an active yeast in their bodies known as Candida albicans. This yeast in some people can become aggressive and lead to a wide variety of symptoms, one of the most common of which are digestive problems such as bloating. In addition to which people with Candida can suffer from fatigue, chronic allergies, undiagnosed mental and emotional problems amongst many other symptoms.


How Bloating is Caused?

Candida disrupts many areas of your body. One major one of which is the destruction of beneficial bacteria and creating excessive fermentation in the body.

Under normal conditions, you have trillions of beneficial bacteria in your body, one of their jobs is preventing yeast from over-developing in the body. However sometimes because of a diet high in sugar or a combination of other factors the yeast will begin to overpower the bacteria. This is where things get ugly as humans rely on this bacteria for proper digestion to take place. Once Candida yeast effectively takes over is when the digestive problems begin. Many times this is reason people begin to experience bloating from everything they eat.


What Causes Candida to Grow Out of Control?

There are many causes for candida the most common of which tends to be a combination of factors. Namely eating a toxic diet, one that is high in refined flour and sugar and also taking medication or antibiotics. The combined effect will destroy the beneficial bacteria and actually feed fungus that is otherwise normally under control, the main one being candida albicans. Over time unless corrected, the digestive system will slowly (or sometimes quickly) break down and cause other severe health problems.


How to Stop Feeling "Farty and Gassy"?

The solution is a combination of a healthy diet in which to heal your digestive system and destroy the candida, this is primarily done through the use of natural therapies. Once reversed you can experience proper digestive health again. It really isn't all that funny to be the one always farting.

Essentially the first phase is cutting back on the sugar intake you have every day which directly feeds the Candida. In addition to which there are many natural treatments you can begin immediately to start clearing the excessive candida from the colon. As well you will need to identify the root factor that allowed this problem to develop and address it accordingly. However once you begin to take these steps you can expect to see relief from bloating, almost immediately.





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