What Causes Stomach Pain and How Can it Be Cured?

by Jessica Dale
Author, How to Cure Candida
Contributor, EatingforEnergy.ca


Do you frequently experience stomach pain, possibly when digesting meals? Are you constantly suffering from gas and bloating after meals?

Well, if so, you may be surprised to find out what causes stomach pain, gas, and bloating, and even more surprised of the natural methods to help get rid of it.

Typically chronic problems with digestion are labeled as IBS as doctors are not trained to identify subtle issues going on in the body and the IBS label is just a generic term to identify the fact that you have a problem with your digestion. What these same doctors fail to realize is that the foods themselves that you are eating are the causes of your problems.

Although you may think you're eating healthy, but allergenic foods that you're sensitive to, which may include wheat, dairy and soy based foods can be a culprit of stomach upset. Even if pin prick blood tests don't indicate it, don't be fooled into believing you can eat these foods without consequence, they've all been linked to digestive disorders of all kinds.


First, Remove the Offenders

The most helpful suggestion I can possibly make is immediately remove offending foods from your diet. Unfortunately if you are new to this, you will soon realize that over 80% of all available foods are harmful and destructive to your digestive system, these foods include:

Wheat products, whether they're refined or even whole wheat should be removed from the diet for at least 2 weeks. The problem with wheat is that just like dairy it will create blocks in your digestive tract that can cause bloating and constipation. As well it irritates the lining of the digestive tract creating a painful sensation. If this wasn't bad enough some people can actually have their entire health deteriorate as a result of this one grain. If you don't believe me read the book "dangerous grains".

Eliminate dairy products such as milk, cheese and all forms of dairy foods from your diet as they create inflammation in the bowel lining and also create a thick mucus inside your body which can trap food particles and create significant bloating and pain.


Don't Forget About Candida

Candida is a fungus that can over-develop in your body, wreaking havoc by creating food sensitivities, chronic bloating and gas and a feeling that you are just not digesting properly. If left to continue to grow it can completely destroy your health, being the cause of diseases such as chronic fatigue syndrome, severe anxiety and other mood disorders. In addition it will further destroy your digestive tract until it is virtually compromised entirely.

There are many types of parasites and bacteria that can make their home in your body, a good deal of which like to make your stomach their home when given the opportunity. People with low stomach acid are particularly vulnerable. The solution? Do a parasite and candida cleanse to purify your digestive system of these harmful invaders. You can also try manuka honey for H Pylori or other chronic stomach ulcers and you can use betaine hydrochloride to boost low stomach acid if that is your issue.




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