Simple Way to Follow a Raw Food Detox Diet


by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Author, Eating for Energy

When you start a detox diet of any type, there are going to be good times and bad times. The good times are what you start a detox diet for; the bad times are what cause many people stop early, and lose the benefits they have worked so hard to get. The same things go for a raw food detox diet.

In the simplest form, a detox diet is when you take the time and make the effort to purge your system of all the bad things that have accumulated over the years. With a raw food detox system, you will be flooding your body with tons of raw nutrients, vitamins and enzymes, and your body is going to feel a little out of whack because of it. Imagine driving a car on the lowest grade of fuel for years, and suddenly going in for an oil change and a tank full of premium. The change is going to be drastic, immediate, and a long time coming. For your body, however, there will be some negative side effects that come along with that raw food energy.

For one, you are more than likely going to have cravings. If you have been eating the same way for most of your life, any sudden change is going to cause some intense urges based on what your body is used to taking in for fuel. Your system will have more vitamins and nutrients than it likely ever has before, and at first, your body might end up not knowing what to do with these, instead of your regular cooked fats.

And don’t think that it’s all just mental. Cravings have a basis in the physical as well ñ your body is used to certain types of food. But there will be an emotional and intellectual element to it as well. When you deprive yourself of anything, it means thinking about not having it ñ and spending that much time telling yourself no tends to make you want to say yes. The key here is to find a substitute. If you crave cookies, eat strawberries. If you want pizza, eat tomatoes. Find something that fills a flavor memory or fits a certain taste profile, and make the switch.

But that might not be all. You will want to make sure that your water intake goes up while you are on any sort of detox diet program. Water helps not only to flush out the bad toxins that your body has been storing and receiving, but it keeps you hydrated and helps to keep that full feeling. Raw foods will fill you up if you eat right, but sometimes, there is no replacement for that heavy full feeling that you might associate with fatty cooked foods. A few glasses of water will help to replicate that sensation.

In the end, sticking to a raw food detox diet is going to be a lot about will power. You know how much this will benefit you, so it will come down to you wanting to be healthier. If you can focus on that, there are no obstacles that you cannot overcome.



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