Raw Food Diet Testimonials for Eating for Energy

by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Author, Eating for Energy


I'm so grateful that my raw food diet ebook, Eating for Energy, has touched so many peoples' lives. It has especially been well received by people just getting into raw foods and those who need to lose weight and make a dramatic shift in their health.

Every day, we receive new testimonials and success stories from people all around the world who have Eating for Energy and have followed my 12-week raw food meal plan. And the successes have been incredible, to say the least.

Today I thought I would share 2 such testimonials. They are truly inspiring and evidence that following a healthy raw food diet may very change your life - for the better!


Tammy Loses 12 lbs in Just 2 Weeks and Has More Energy Than Ever!!!

"Hi Yuri,

Your book has been extremely interesting and enlightening. After 2 weeks of following your Eating for Energy meal plan I ended up loosing 12lbs. I am still juicing every morning, and have converted my fridge to 90% fruits/vegetables/nuts/seeds with roughly 5-10% fish. I am currently using your eating program as guide and for ideas on how to eat healthy.

Last week I made a "lets clean out the fridge juice" consisting of spinach, kale, swiss chard, carrots, celery and pear. I was astonished by the increase in energy I experienced after having this drink. I felt incredible!!"

Tammy Goudreau
Calgary, Alberta


Husband and Wife Lose Weight and Sleep Better Throughout the Night!

"My health has suffered a lot in my life and didn't know why, and information was hard to find, but thanks to Yuri and after studying "Eating For Energy" it explains so much and I now know why, and it all makes so much sense and so easy.

I started "Eating For Energy" just a short time ago and even though it hasn't been a very long time, I can tell you several things that I have noticed and changes in my body (my life) and my husbands.

Were still learning to change all our eating habits, I through away a lot of bad processes/packaged stuff, if you could have seen my pantry before "Eating For Energy" you would be picking your self up off the floor in a state of shock, because I thought those food/non-food items were healthy.

Thanks to Yuri and his raw food approach, I have incorporated many new items from "Eating For Energy" such as chia seeds, goji berries, spirulina, and flax oil into my diet. We love your "Smoothies". My husband works in Maintenance and works very hard so what a great way to start off our day with one of your "Yummy Smoothies". Thanks to you, I know we now have the greatest nutrition that I thought I was getting all my life.

I myself have lost a lot of weight and my husband has said he has "lost his belly" not to mention we both now sleep the full night through. In the morning I have Bananas, Berries, and Cream for breakfast, later a smoothie, but the energy levels we both have are amazing, instead of dragging myself around all day I now have the energy to do all the little things and many other things through out my day and I find myself enjoy them. I now look forward to my day with a brighter outlook and I even want to start an exercise program, because I now have the energy to do these things I've always wanted to. How do I Thank you for so much?

God Bless You, and Thank You For All Your Doing!"

Christine Cressley
Fairbanks, Alaska




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