Raw Food Diet Daily Meal Plan


by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Author, Eating for Energy

If you’re looking to eat healthier, a larger selection of raw foods might be the key to improving your overall health. In a day and age where the cheapest and most available food options usually come from a fast food outlet, it can be tough to make the time and effort to eat healthier, or at least, that’s the idea from the outside. But if you break down the preparation time for every meal in your day, you might be surprised to find out just how much effort is required in the average person’s daily food preparation.

The raw food breakfast is fast, easy, and very satisfying. Simply grab a handful of greens (spinach, broccoli, lettuce will all do the trick here) that are left over from last night’s salad. Toss them in the blender with a squeeze of citrus and a sliced pear. Blend for 20 seconds, pour and enjoy.

This green smoothie will give you a great boost of energy in the morning, and provide you with all sorts of essential vitamins. Total preparation and eating time: 5 minutes.

For everyone else, breakfast means putting on a pot of coffee, and firing up the toaster. This will give you the caffeine jolt you need to startle your system and satisfy your fix, but by the time you make it to work, you’ll need another cup. And your morning toast will likely stick to your ribs with the ferocity of a wet leaf in a hurricane. In other words, lunch can’t come soon enough! Total preparation and eating time: 15 minutes. If you add in a bowl of cereal, add on another two minutes for pouring and munching.

The raw food lunch could consist of lettuce wraps filled with carrot slices, mango and avocado; a package of mixed unsalted nuts; and a fresh tomato juice. The nuts need only to be bagged, and the juice can either be made at home, or purchased from a trusted retailer. Total preparation and eating time: 25 minutes, most of which would account for slicing for the wraps.

For non-raw food eaters, lunch was likely prepared the night before. A usual favourite would be a tuna sandwich, with a handful of cookies, a can of soda, and if you’re feeling particularly healthy, some sliced carrots. Yes, this lunch will fill you up better than breakfast did but the sugar in that soda will do the same thing your morning coffee did. Total preparation and eating time: 25 minutes; more in prep of the sandwich than anything else.

The raw food dinner could be a simple tossed salad to start, raw zucchini pasta with homemade pesto, with a side of almond flour garlic bread, and for dessert, banana ice cream. The key to making zucchini pasta is simply to slice the outer skin of the zucchini to the desired thickness for your noodles. The pesto is a simple blend of garlic, pine nuts and extra virgin olive oil. Almond flour bread can be made in a dehydrator instead of an oven, and the banana ice cream is simply frozen bananas, peeled and pureed, which gives an incredibly similar texture to ice cream. Total preparation and eating time: one hour, not counting the time to freeze the bananas and dehydrate the bread.

The other meal? A similar plate of dried pasta and store bought sauce, garlic butter on toast, and store bought ice cream. Hardly as dramatic, or healthy, but the prep time would actually make this dinner take longer, about 1:15, thanks to the cooking time on the noodles and reheating of the sauce.



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