How to Loose Weight Fast - The Untold Secret

by Amy Coates, RHN, BSc


A research study done in Dubai and printed in the Middle East Journal of Family Medicine (April 2009) found that patients who were unable to acheive weight loss through calorie restriction were able to lose weight once they had eliminated all foods to which their immune systems reacted. 

The numbers from this study are alarming.  The study lasted 12 weeks.  The only treatment was avoidance of foods shown to be immune reactive according to blood testing.  This testing is known as the ALCAT and is based on patients' white blood cell reactions when they encounter different foods.  27 people participated in the study.  They showed an average weight loss of 37 lbs and an average decrease of body fat by 30%!  A control group that practiced calorie restriction alone actually gained weight during the same period!


More About Food Sensitivities

Food sensitivities can be just as debilitating as full blown food allergies.  The problem is, your body's reaction may not be enough to catch your attention.  Hiccups, runny noses, itching of the skin, watery eyes, itchy eyes, having to pee all too often, diarrhea, acne and other skin problems can all be related to food sensitivites.  Too many people pass these symptoms off as normal.  They may be normal as in commonly occurring in our society, but they are not "normal" as in occurring naturally.

Not everyone will have the same sensitivities.  We're all different.  The process through which we become sensitive to foods is the same, but since we all eat different foods in different amounts, the ones our bodies react to will all be different.  However, there are a few common allergens that most people will be much better without.

Dairy, Wheat, Corn, and Soy are the most common food allergens/sensitivities.  Personally, I would add coffee and chocolate to the list as well.  Coffee beans are green in nature.  They are roasted until they are blackened.  The longer coffee beans are roasted, the more bold the coffee taste.  Anything blackened is carcinogenic and therefore cancer-causing.  So, if you're trying to avoid cancer, I would recommend that you leave the coffee on the table. 

Chocolate, roasted or not, contains more than 500 chemicals - 2 of which are highly toxic to all mammals including humans.  They are Theobromine and Methybromine.  They can kill a dog quite easily, because 1-2 pounds of chocolate is enough to be lethel.  Humans, on the other hand, would have to eat somewhere around 20 lbs of chocolate to succomb to death, but digestive upset will undoubtedly occur if you eat too much at once.

You may have some allergies that you won't be aware of until you are tested.  Although different from the ALCAT, my favourite test is accessible to anyone who cares to make an appointment.  It is known as electro-dermal testing.  My personal experience leads me to believe it is just as effective as the ALCAT.  You simply hold a rod in one hand while the practitioner completes the circuit by touching your other hand.   I had my test done about 2 years ago.  A few months ago I ate some babaganoush (a dip made from eggplant).   My throat constricted and the roof of my mouth felt wierd so I consulted the reading from that test.  I had scored a 98/100 for being sensitive to it!  Amazing.  No more eggplant.

If you are having trouble losing weight or think you may have food sensitivities, I highly recommend finding an electro-dermal testing center or and ALCAT testing center near you.  I've never done the ALCAT, but electro-dermal testing takes approximately an hour, provides  no discomfort, and the best part is - you get to take home your test results immediately!  I think it cost around $100 when I went, which is nothing considering the information you walk out with!

So if you want to loose weight fast, it's in your best interest to consider the power of food allergies, get yourself tested, and avoid the foods that are causing your body to hold onto the fat.




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