How to Choose a Good Raw Food eBook


by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Author, Eating for Energy

If you are new to the world of raw food consumption, you might be a little overwhelmed by all of the information out there. On top of the web sites, cookbooks, diet plans, online communities and other sources of raw food information, there are an intimidating number of eBooks available online, all claiming to offer the very best information regarding raw foods, how to prepare them, and what the benefits are. But unlike a traditional bookstore, where you can flip through the books and read a few pages to ensure that what you are buying will fit your views, an eBook is more of a blind purchase. So, the question becomes how to choose a good raw food eBook? What keywords should you look for? Where can you find these eBooks? Should you purchase, or look for free eBooks?

As far as keywords go, look for eBooks that focus on raw foods exclusively. There are a number of eBooks on the market that will devote a small amount of time to eating raw, but spend more time focusing on other issues, including vegetarianism, vegan diet plans, and overall health. While these books are certainly enlightening, they will not offer you the depth of information you are looking for. Make sure the eBook you are considering is solely devoted to raw foods. Another thing to look for is some sort of author information. Because the publishing process for eBooks is much simpler than a traditional book, it does make it easy for some people to simply slap together a few details that they really don’t understand, and put it on the market as a source of information. Check to see who writes the eBooks you are interested in, and see what sort of credentials they have, that would give them the authority to speak in the raw foods area. Are they a registered dietician? A physician? Do they follow the raw food diet themselves? Remember that a degree alone does not make an expert, but some sort of proven expertise in the area will likely make for that much better information in your new eBook.

As for where to find a good eBook, there are a few options. You can make your purchases through an online retailer such as Amazon or iTunes, both of which will be able to format the eBook to the reader of your choice. However, these are not your only options, and an online search for raw food eBook will likely find dozens of independent publications. Do not dismiss these out of hand, as many experts prefer to keep the whole of the profits from their eBooks by publishing themselves, rather than through a large retailer.

There is also the decision to make as to whether you want to purchase an eBook, or try to find free examples of similar writings. The search for free eBooks will likely be a frustrating one, and you can expect, on the whole, to find a lesser quality of writing, research and expertise in the free copies. Simply put, someone who puts the effort into an eBook with good, solid information will want to be reimbursed for sharing their opinions and experience. In the end, you will likely find better information in a purchased eBook.



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