Healthy Weight Loss

by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Author, Eating for Energy


Healthy weight loss boils down to losing weight while improving your health, right? I mean there are tons of diets out there that will help you lose weight quickly, but do they really leave you feeling healthier and more energetic. I don't think so.


Are High-Protein Diets Healthy?

Many diets on the market promote high protein and low carb intake. Obviously, this kind of food consumption will help you lose weight since lacking "starchy" carbs will mean that you store less water in your body, thus, giving the appearance of losing weight.

However, studies have shown that groups of people who were fed high-protein, carb-restricted weight loss diets gained most of the weight they had lost in less than 24 hours with the re-introduction of wheat and other complex carbohydrates!

The other issue with these "dangerous" high protein diets is that they impose a lot stress on the kidneys, rob your body of calcium, and contribute to an increasingly acidic body. All of these effects are quite obviously not in line with living a healthy life.

So losing weight in a healthy manner (and for good) really needs to have good eating and an active lifestyle as the foundation. Otherwise, you can forget about it!


Another Big Mistake People Make

For some reason, the majority of the population "fears" and "loathes" physical activity. I think it's because a lot of Westerners have become lazy and are fascinated by the latest reality TV shows then moving their bodies. So it follows that, generally, most people will first hop on the latest fad diet, instead of exercising, in an effort to lose weight.

But here's the problem - diet without exercise doesn't lead to healthy weight loss. In fact, the exact opposite occurs. Have you ever seen skinny people with mushy, unmuscular bodies? That's what happens when you don't exercise and solely rely on diet for losing weight.

Both cardio and resistance training workouts are imperative to losing weight for good. Study after study have shown that the combination of regular exercise with a proper diet is really the only way to healthy weight loss in the long run. Exercise alone doesn't work. Diet alone doesn't work. But when both are combined, they act synergistically to turn your body into a fat burning machine, allowing you to lose weight and keep it off for good.

So remember...

Exercise + healthy diet = healthy and long-lasting weight loss.


What You Need to Know

As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the goal is to eat for health. When you do so, your body will naturally shed excess "baggage" and return to its normal weight (assuming you're exercising as well).

Personally, I believe that eating a raw food diet is perhaps the most effective at promoting healthy weight loss. Why? Because eating more raw foods inherently means that you're eating more fruits and vegetables in their natural, living, and energetic state. Simply eating more fruits and vegetables would make a huge difference for the 70% of our population. However, eating these foods in their raw form is even better since all their vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and enzymes are left intact. Conversely, cooking and heating foods destroys these essential nutriets.

Another reason that raw foods help you lose weight fast is that since they're chock-full of nutrients, your body doesn't need as much food because it's getting all the nutrition it needs. Make sense? I mean eating at McDonald's will only leave you feeling hungry and unsatisfied because your body is telling you that it has no received the nutrients that it needs. It's truly "incomplete nutrition". Actually, I don't even think the word "nutrition" can be used to even describe fabricated fast foods.

There are tons of reasons why eating a predominantly raw natural whole foods diet (t will help you lose weight. But I'll leave you with one more reason. Enzymes!

Enzymes are needed for every single chemical reaction in the body. They are also critical to living a long and healthy life, and it's even been said that when you run out of enzymes, you run out of life!

Raw foods are full of enzymes because these foods have not been cooked. Since heating a food above 118 degrees fahrenheit destroys its enzymes, cooked foods are essentially "dead foods" that rob your body of energy and nutrients instead of providing them. The food enzymes are also needed to help you lose weight since fat is broken down by enzymes.

For example, lipase is an enzyme which breaks down fat in the body. Less lipase, means less capabiity of breaking down fat. More living raw foods, means more lipase, which means your body will have an easier time at burning fat and losing weight!

So in sum, remember that healthy weight loss comes down to eating for health and exercising on a daily basis. Do so and you'll reap the benefits!




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