Do Raw Foods Help You Lose Weight


by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Author, Eating for Energy

It seems like a pretty natural assumption to make, doesn’t it? If you eat healthier, you will lose weight. After all, if you cut the fat in your diet, would it not stand to reason that you will cut the fat in your body? But there is a lot more to it than that. Bodies need a lot of different nutrients to stay healthy and fit. And while it is certainly possible to eat poorly and survive, it is easier to prosper if you keep your diet clean. Eating raw foods certainly fits the bill of healthier eating.

So, what exactly is so healthy about raw foods? Besides being in the natural state that food it meant to be in, of course? Well, raw foods are filled with vitamins, minerals and enzymes. Wait, you might say – what’s so bad about cooking? I mean, a cooked carrot is still a carrot, right? Cooking it doesn’t turn it into a chocolate cake.

No, but a lot of the great benefits of that carrot are lost when you cook it. They leach out into the water when you boil it, or die off from the heat in other methods. In the end, you are left with food that essentially has already been eaten for you. The cooking process devours a lot of the benefits, leaving you with a mushy lump of whatever is left ñ still better than nothing, but not as good as the original, whole food item.

Many of the food items that you eat are also very low in calories and fats. While you need calories and fats in order to operate, you probably don’t need as many as you intake on a daily basis - thus, the extra fat that ends up on your person. But if you eat more low calorie or even negative calorie foods like broccoli and strawberries - that being foods that use up more calories than they bring to the party ñ and you will teach your body to use what calories it consumes, instead of cramming with junk and storing for lean times. You will teach your body that a regular flow of great calories is always coming, so burn what you have, and make room for the new ones.

Many of these raw-edible foods are also fairly high in natural fibre, which means all sorts of benefits for your body. For one, wastes will move more quickly through your body, and more of what you eat will be absorbed, meaning less to eliminate. What you do eat will also fill you better, meaning fewer spikes of hunger, and more periods of fullness and contentedness. That means less unhealthy snacking to cover a meal that has fallen short of providing what your body needs between your regular feeding times.

Now, that alone wonít magically melt away the pounds. Raw foods are a great starting point that will make it easier for you to lose weight, but they won’t do it all. But combined with a bit of exercise, you will find it a lot easier to shed pounds and inches if you include more raw food items in your regular diet.



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