Can a Raw Food Diet Help You Lose Weight Fast?


by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Author, Eating for Energy

If you are like most people, at some point in your life, your weight has been a concern. Some people are lucky enough, genetically speaking, to have to spend very little time or effort to maintain an optimum weight. For the rest of us, staying healthy, fit and trim is somewhat of a battle, and there is never a clear-cut winner. But sometimes, you need to simply shave off a few pounds. It might be a vacation that you have planned that requires a swimsuit-ready body; it might be an upcoming social event that you want to look your best for; or any number of other reasons that you might find yourself suddenly wishing that you were carrying a few less pounds.

Most of the usual methods for rapid weight loss are obviously unhealthy. Starvation diets and their like are one way to shave off a few pounds, but the effects on your body can be very dangerous. Instead, with a little fore planning, a raw food diet might be able to help you quickly and safely shed those excess pounds, and do what no other diet can do - keep them off for good.

The first thing to remember with the raw food diet is that faster is not always better, and you still need to maintain a healthy lifestyle. If you simply starve yourself, allowing only a few raw food items a day, you will do damage to your body. Allow the raw food diet to do its work the way it was intended; not as a crash diet, but a way to bring your body into harmony with the fuels you consume.

The raw food diet can help you in two ways. First, eating better provides the body with healthy fuel, and teaches it to use more effectively. Rather than quickly consuming and burning the energy from a chocolate bar, the energy from a piece of fruit will be absorbed in a more orderly fashion, and distributed to your body in a healthier way. Long after the sugars in the chocolate have been burned away or stored as fats, leaving you in a crash position, the fruit will be feeding your body.

What does this mean for the diet? It means fewer crashes, which means fewer cravings. Also, it means more energy. More fuel allows you to work harder, which will encourage quick weight loss. You can use the sustained energy from these raw foods to add more strenuous exercises to your routines, which will again encourage the body to burn off the stores of energy in your fat cells, because it will be getting used to the idea of getting cleaner, better energy from your raw food diet on a regular basis. If there is always more fuel coming, the body will not feel the need to store what it can for a dry spell.

Making these changes will, in a rapid but healthy time frame, reduce the amount of fat on your body. Given a proper run-up, you will be ready for that swimsuit in no time flat.



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