10 Reasons Eating Raw is Healthier


by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Author, Eating for Energy

There are plenty of great reasons to eat healthier. They can be scientific in nature, or personal. They can be about energy and vitamins, or emotions and environment. But to break it down even further from the average American diet, there are reasons that many people are beginning to explore the benefits of eating nothing but raw foods. Here are ten great reasons to make the switch, and switch off your oven.

1. It is natural. If you are among those who believe that we should be exploring our roots as a species in order to find better and healthier ways to live in harmony with our world, a raw diet is a great way to get in touch with the way your ancestors lived and ate. The foods you consume on a raw diet are meant to be eaten by people ñ this is what we were meant to consume.

2. It is alive. Rather than consuming products made from questionably processed stuff that was never meant to be food in the first place, a raw food eater will only be consuming living food. This sort of eating takes energy, not from phony sugars and complex chemicals, but from the energy stores that these living food items used to sustain themselves.

3. It gives essential vitamins. Plenty of vitamins can be leached and drained away in typical cooking processes, leaving you with mushy, nutritionally weakened food items. Those vitamins are left in the pot of boiling water, instead of working within you.

4. It provides living enzymes. Cooking, simply put, kills. It kills the natural enzymes that exist on foods - enzymes that aid in digestion and absorption of the foods you eat, providing you with more energy, rather than using the body’s stores of enzymes to do the work of pulling energy from your food.

5. It shares more nutrients. Just like the vitamins in your fruits and veggies, the other nutrients in your food can be drained away in the cooking process.

6. It encourages healthy eating habits. If you want to grab a snack, but want to keep your diet raw, you will be hard pressed to find a poor option, nutritionally speaking. Whether it’s a handful of nuts or a simple fruit salad, you will be eating healthier than if you grabbed a granola bar or some cookies.

7. It eliminates fast food. Some of the least healthy options out there, you’ll be hard pressed to eat raw at a fast food joint. Instead, you’ll have to go home for food, allowing you to know exactly what you’re eating.

8. You get more flavors without chemicals. You don’t need those chemically enhanced flavors - none of them can match the fresh, bright taste of a strawberry.

9. You don’t add charring. Charring can, according to some studies, introduce carcinogens to your food. If you keep the heat from the meat, you lower the chances of consuming something terrible.

10. You have more energy for exercise. Those raw food items are the most direct type of fuel you can consume, and their power will more quickly be available to your muscles.



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