10 Benefits to Eating Raw

by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Author, Eating for Energy


If you are thinking about switching to a raw food diet, here are ten reasons to make the jump:

1.You will spend less time on food preparation. Rather than slaving over a hot stove to make your meals, your most utilized food prep machines will be your juicer and a good knife, and if you should so choose, a food dehydrator. The time you save in the kitchen can be used at the gym, or with the family.

2.You will get more nutrients from your meals. Many cooking processes leach out valuable nutrients, and boiling is one of the worst culprits. Veggies that are boiled are left as limp, tasteless, and having lost as much as half of their original nutritional value.

3.The foods you eat will have more living enzymes. These wonders will aid in your absorption and digestion of your raw diet, meaning that you will get the energy from your food more quickly, and eliminate the waste products in a more timely fashion.

4.If you are one of the lucky few who can find raw dairy products, you will be fortunate enough to be getting for free what many others have to pay extra for. Those costly probiotics yogurts and beverages contain cultures that are killed off in the pasteurization process, and added back in later for your benefit. Raw dairy simply skips the killing of these helpful bacteria in the first place.

5.You will have more energy for your daily activities. All those wonderful nutrients, vitamins and other benefits from your raw diet will leave you feeling like a new person. You will feel brighter, more energetic, and more able to tackle some new exercises to compliment your healthy eating.

6.The foods you consume will contain fewer chemicals than pre-packaged and prepared items that have been cooked or otherwise processed with heat. The apple you hold in your hand, at worst, might have pesticides on it, which can be washed away. But that package of apple sauce? It contains much more than simple apples, unfortunately.

7.Raw eating means fewer carcinogens entering your system as well. Many methods of preparation that involve heat often leave a charred surface on the food ñ charring which has been found to include known carcinogens in many cases. Skip the charcoal, and you avoid the problem altogether.

8.That new diet will likely result in better overall health. Increases in energy will mean an alertness like you have never experienced before; your fuel will give you the strength to go further and get more exercise; and all of those vitamins are great for your internal systems.

9.You will find that eating raw means better skin and hair, too. Raw salmon, nuts and other items in your everyday diet will contain fatty oils that will give your skin a fresh glow that no makeup can match, and your hair will regain some of the lustre that you might have found lacking lately.

10.And of course, there is the weight loss to consider. All that healthy fuel will encourage your body to burn existing fat reserves, and allow you to work harder during exercise, building muscle that will aid in the consumption of fat stores.




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