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Eating for Energy Text Ads

The following are a number of pay-per click text ads (used in Google) that were best performers for Eating for Energy. Feel free to use any and all of these text ads in the way in which you see them or change them up. The goal with succeeding at PPC advertising is to continually test. For instance, put 2 of the same ads against each other (but change only 1 variable) and see which one performs best. Then, run with that one and set up another ad against it.

Under each text ad are its statistics. CTR refers to clickthrough rate. Again, although I've provided you with some pretty detailed information, there is no guarantee that these will be profitable for you. After all, I don't know which keywords you're bidding on. I hope they work well for you but you simply need to test, test, and test.

Below the text ads are some of our best performing Eating for Energy keywords. Again, feel free to use these in your campaigns and match them as closely as possible to the words and titles in your ads. Remember, Google and PPC search engines reward relevance!


PPC Text Ads:

Raw Food Program
The ultimate raw food diet
Eat raw and feel the difference!

(average CTR 50%, conversion rate 10%)


Raw Food Diet + Recipes
120 Raw Food Recipes
12-Week Meal Plan & More...New Book

(average CTR 0.42%, conversion rate 5.5%)


Tough Time Staying Raw?
Step-by-Step Raw Food Guide Helps
Stay on Track with Raw Foods Today!

(average CTR 0.32%, conversion rate 5.1%)


120 Raw Food Recipes
Delicious Raw Food Recipes
Feel the Energy, Get the Glow!

(average CTR 4.09%, conversion rate 0.4%)


Weight Loss Diet
No More Counting Calories!
Learn How to Eat and Lose Weight

(average CTR 0.47%, conversion rate 21%)


How to Lose Weight
The Weight Loss Diet That Works
Lose Weight Fast and For Good!

(average CTR 1.47%, conversion rate 18.3%)


Best Performing Keywords:

weight loss
how to lose weight
loose weight
lose weight
diet food
losing weight
healthy diet
weight loss diet
diet for weight loss
how to lose weight fast
raw food recipes
raw food
raw food diet
raw foods
eating for energy
raw diet







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