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Alternate Landing Pages

In case you don't feel like sending your traffic solely to our main sales page, here are some other options for you.

IMPORTANT: Be sure to copy and paste the following URLs EXACTLY as they are replacing ONLY the "xxxxxx" with your Clickbank affiliate nickname.

Also, ensure that there are no spaces within the URL. Copy and paste into your browser to TEST the link before sending it!


Eating for Energy - Video Sales Letter


Eating for Energy - Written sales letter


Eating for Energy - Testimonials


Raw Food 101 - FREE e-Course


ARTICLE PAGES (Great Content for Your List with Soft Sell)

1How to Eat for Energy

You can use the following email to send your list to this article...

SUBJECT: How to Eat for More Energy

You've been lied to!

You've been told that to have more energy you
need to drink coffee, energy drinks, and load up
on sugar.

Some "authorities" have maybe even gone so far as
to suggest that there are specific foods that
boost your energy.

Finally, we can put an end to all this madness
and these erroneous claims thanks to a great
article I just read here [INSERT HOPLINK].



PS. You'll probably be as surprised as I was to
learn how making this ONE simple adjustment to
your diet can start giving ALL-DAY energy.

Read it here [INSERT HOPLINK]




The REAL Energy of Foods

You can use the following email to send your list to this article...

SUBJECT: The REAL Energy of Foods (must see!)

Wait until you see this, especially if you
want more energy.

This new article will open your eyes to the
truth about foods and the energy they give
your body or take from it.
If you want to know which are the best energy
foods then you check this out right now.
[INSERT SPECIAL HOPLINK] <-------------- Discover it here
This article also contains some truly amazing
images of food that I can almost guarantee
that you've never seen.

This is crazy stuff!

P.S. If you're thinking high-calorie foods,
energy drinks, and similar gimmicks just wait
until you read this!

[INSERT SPECIAL HOPLINK]<-------------- Click here 
P.P.S. After all, who doesn't want more energy?
With more energy, you can accomplish anything 
in life!


Dangers of An Acid Diet

Feel free to use the following email to send your list to this article...

SUBJECT: New study reveals scary dangers of acid diets

Hey [firstname],

I'm going to make this email short and to the

If you want to better your health and not fall
into the deadly trap that has held more than 66%
of our population captive, then you need to read
this new article on the scary dangers of an acid


It even startled me!

But there's some good news too and you'll see why
once you read this new article. In fact, you
might be surprised to discover how doing this ONE
simple thing can reduce your risk of heart
disease by 14%.

Check it out here:


I know you'll find this information very, very


----- end of email -----------




I'm on a mission to provide you, your list, and everyone else with as much solid content as possible. These webinars will do just that. They are content-rich but also "twist the knife" on many problems that people are experiencing with regards to their health, weight, and energy levels. These webinars are essentailly information-packed video sales ranging in length from 30-55 minutes. Stay tuned for NEW releases!

Is Veganism Really Healthier?

38 minute webinar that exposes "garbage" soy-based vegan diets (including a clip from Oprah's Vegan Challenge" and shows Eating for Energy as a healthier plant-based alternative. Also, a hiiarious intro - must see!


Feel free to use the following email to send your list to this article...

SUBJECT: Is Veganism Really Healthier? (webinar)

Have you stopped to think about why people claim
that a vegan diet is healthier?

Research does show that it does have some merit
but NOT for those who eat a "traditional" vegan

In fact, Oprah's even guilty of adopting this
nonsensical approach to eating "healthier".

Thankfully, my good friend and renowned
nutritionist, Yuri Elkaim, has just released an
information-packed webinar that exposes
traditional vegan diets, revealing some startling
facts along the way!!!

And you can watch it right now absolutely FREE
(and no optin required).

Watch the webinar now <------------------- Click here

I'm sure you'll agree that this is truly
mind-blowing stuff. No one else is talking about
this and that's why I want to let you know about
Yuri's new webinar.

Not only does this webinar blow the lid on what
people think is healthy but Yuri also gives you 2
brilliantly simple life-changing diet tips that
you can implement starting today!

And you won't believe what he shows mid-way
through the webinar - it will get your blood
boiling. Not to mention the hilarious sponsor at
the beginning of it.

Just check it out and see for yourself.

Is Veganism Really Healthier???? <----------- Click here to watch the webinar



P.S. I'm not sure if this webinar will be up for
too long so please do yourself a favour and go
watch now (while it's still free).

Is Veganism Really Healthier???? <----------- Click here to watch the webinar

----- end of email -----------




These are NEW health reports that we continue to release to give customers even more in-depth knowledge and how-to for a variety of natural health topics. They are typically priced at $19.95 to $29.95 and, as always, you get 75% commission on any sales.


Apple Cider Vinegar Report



Flu Fighters







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