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Autoresponder Emails

How awesome is it that you don't even have to write any emails of your own?

That's right my friend...

I've taken care of that for you!

Below you'll find a strategically designed 9 day autoresponder email sequence that you can easily plug into your existing email marketing software.

If you have an email list related to weight loss, raw foods, veganism/vegetarianism, healthy eating, and the like, these emails will convert really well for you!

All the following emails have been formatted for you and ready to go. The only thing you have to do with each email is the following:

1. Copy and paste each email into a separate email message (obviously) within your existing email marketing program (ie. iContact, aWeber, etc...)

2. Personalize or modify any given an email to match your tone or personality.

3. Put in your Clickbank HOPLINK wherever you see the [INSERT HOPLINK] text in the following emails.

NOTE: If you use html-based emails, you can simply hyperlink the "call to action" text (ie. Click here to check out Eating for Energy) with your hoplink. That way readers won't see a long, ugly affiliate link. Instead, they'll see an underlined call to action sentence which will they more likely click.

If you are using text-based email it is best that you use a URL that you have chosen for yourself and insert it where applicable. So instead of seeing (which would have no affiliate link) or a long, ugly hoplink you would simply enter your own URL that you have already registered. For instance, your URL might be, etc...

Just make sure that you have forwarded your CB hoplink to that your URL so that it directs leads to our sales page and you get credit for the sale.

DAY 0 = Email 1 (Introducing Eating for Energy and 3 Tips Video)

Subject: 3 Raw Food Diet Tricks to Boost Your Energy and Lose Weight – For Good!

You want more energy. You want to feel alive. You
want great health.

You want to lose weight and feel better about

And that’s why you’ve been eager to learn more
about raw foods. Perhaps you’ve tried going raw
before but then feel into your old habits.

Hey, that’s ok. That happened to me as well.

But I was able to turn it all around and really
make raw foods a staple in my daily diet.

How did I do it, you ask?

Well, it all started after I made things easier
for myself. I’ll tell you more about that in a
later email but for now I want to share a great
presentation that discusses 3 raw food diet tricks
that will help you have more energy and help you
lose weight.

This presentation is really powerful because the
author, Yuri Elkaim, highlights 3 essential
components of a raw food diet that will transform
your body (and your life) forever.

He’s very passionate about the power of “living
nutrition” and if you are eager to take your life
to a whole new level, then I would strongly
recommend putting aside a few minutes right now to
watch it for yourself…

3 Raw Food Diet Tricks to Boost Your Energy and
Lose Weight <------ Watch it here

I know you’ll find his journey very inspiring.
After all, Yuri had a big health scare when he was
just 17 because of the “dead” food diet he had
been eating all his life!



DAY 1 = EMAIL #2: Reminder to go watch video presentation

Subject: What did you think?


What did you think of Yuri’s presentation I told
you about yesterday?

Pretty powerful stuff, right?

How about those pictures showing the energy
emanating from cooked vs. raw foods? Those blew my

Anyways, if you still haven’t watched the video
presentation you can do so here:

F.REE Raw Foods Presentation <---------------- Click here

What I love about Yuri’s approach is that he’s not
fanatical about being a pure 100% raw foodist. He
believes that eating more raw is good for all of
us but understands that being 100% raw is not the

Instead, his approach is all about eating as
healthy as possible for YOU. Whether that means
50% raw, 80% raw, or anything else.

Yuri and his simple approach to raw foods has
helped over 40,000 people around the world. And
that’s why I’m so excited to tell you about him
and what he’s doing.

If you really want more energy and to lose weight,
and actually IMPROVE your health then you’ve got
to listen to what he has to say.

Watch His Raw Foods Presentation Here <----------------- Go now!



DAY 2 = EMAIL #3 – The problem with most raw food recipes

Subject: The Problem With Most Raw Food Recipes?

Hi [firstname],

Are you overwhelmed by the complexity of the raw
food diet?

I know I was.

Don’t get me wrong, a lot of raw food recipes
taste great, but they just take forever to make.
Wouldn’t you agree?

Want a gourmet raw pizza? Great – just take 24
hours to dehydrate the crust…then add your
favourite raw veggies…and then throw it all back
in the dehydrator for another 18-24 hours.

I don’t know about you but I don’t have 24-48
hours to wait for my meals. And the
labour-intensive nature of so many raw food
recipes is really what held me back initially from
eating more of my diet “in the raw”.

But that was until I discovered an easier and
fresher approach to raw foods. This
“easy-to-follow” approach to raw foods was
developed by holistic nutritionist, Yuri Elkaim.

His program is called Eating for Energy and what I
love about it is that he packs in 120 raw food
recipes that take less than 10 minutes to prepare!
That’s right – just 10 minutes!

Eating for Energy really helped me add more simple
and fresh raw recipes into my diet. My health has
greatly improved as a result and I know yours will

Click here to check out Eating for Energy <--------- You owe it to yourself


P.S. I really enjoyed his recipes for “Morning
Muesli” (p.222), “A Date with Kale” (p.238), and
my new favourite dessert “Chocolate Energy
Pudding” (p.291). These are just 3 of this 120
amazing raw recipes. And, as I said above, they
only take 10 minutes to prepare. How cool is that?

Raw Food Recipes Made Easy <--------- Check them out


DAY 3 = Email 4 (Celebrities eating raw foods)

Subject: The Real Truth About CELEBRITY Diets

With all the money in the world...

You would think that ALL celebrities would have
personal chefs preparing them to the healthiest
possible meals, right?

Well, unfortunately, that doesn’t seem to be the
case for many of them. The real truth is that most
celebs tend to indulge in lavish “cooked food”
meals and a few too many drinks.

The results of this kind of “high roller”
lifestyle are pretty predictable…

- premature aging,
- unhealthy looking skin (before makeup)
- weight problems
- sickness

And many others.

But there are a few celebs that have gone against
the grain. They’ve realized the power of eating
raw vegan foods and, as a result, they look

Most notably, Demi Moore, Alicia Silverstone,
Woody Harrelson, Sting, Uma Thurman, Amanda
Seyfried, and numerous others, including Apple CEO
Steve Jobs, eat a predominantly raw foods diet.

These stars have kept their perfect bodies,
glowing skin, silky full heads, and look years
younger than they actually are.

Don’t you want the same?

That’s why I’ve been telling you about my friend
Yuri’s Eating for Energy program over the last few
days. In fact, Yuri not only believes in the power
raw foods but more importantly about the power of
alkalizing your body.

This same “alkalinity” concept has even hit home
with Ryan Seacrest who now apparently has an
alkalizing green juice with him at all times!

Look and Feel Like a Celebrity <---------------- YES, you can!

In Eating for Energy, Yuri shares some of the most
amazing green juices and smoothies that will win
over even the fussiest of palettes (hello parents
with little kids) and take no time at all to whip

I know you’ll love them as much as I have.


P.S. I can’t believe it’s so simple. No need for
private chefs or complicated meals. What else
could you ask for?

Look and Feel Like a Celebrity <---------------- YES, you can!


DAY 4 = Email 5 (spark intrigue and follow with social proof)

Subject: I can NO longer recommend Yuri Elkaim

Yes, it’s true…

I can no longer recommend Yuri Elkaim or his
Eating for Energy program.

Instead, I have now escalated my recommendation to
a full blown 100% ENDORSEMENT!

Get Your 100% Endorsed Copy of Eating for Energy<----------- Click Here

Why the sudden change?

I’d be crazy not to!

After all the amazing success stories I continue
to hear about from our readers who have picked up
a copy of Eating for Energy, I’d be crazy to just
“recommend” his program.

I’m all about helping you create amazing change.
And that’s why I’ve been telling you about Eating
for Energy. I KNOW it WILL change your life!

Here’s a recent success story that Yuri shared
with me from one of our 71-year old readers:

“Hi Yuri, I just wanted to let you know that I
think Eating for Energy is great. It's packed with
info, some of which I know but a lot that I
didn't. The recipes are fantastic! I have been on
a raw green diet for 10 days and I am feeling
really great, a sense of clearness in my head.
Lost a few pounds (although that was not my
intent), got rid of cravings, felt full all the
time and, the best of all, the migraines that I've
had all my life (I am now 71) have reduced in
intensity by half or more.

I'm sure that getting rid of the sugar, wheat,
dairy and all the additives has made a huge
difference. My breakfast always consists of a
green drink, lunch can be salads or my favorite,
guacamole spooned up with big slices of red
pepper, and dinner was often a problem as at first
I wasn't thinking outside the box. I will try
your pasta recipes and have already tried some of
the soups. YUMMY. Who knew green could be so

So thanks again. Oh, and I love the daily emails
and encouragement that you offer. With light and

Pat S.

Did I mention that Yuri’s program has also been
endorsed by the raw food legend himself – David

There’s obviously a reason so many people are
raving about Eating for Energy.

Will you be next?

==> Get Started With Eating for Energy Today!


P.S. Have you seen ALL the bonuses Yuri’s giving
you when you get Eating for Energy today? I
personally think he’s nuts. Anyways, see for
yourself and you can decide…

Get Started With Eating for Energy Today!<-------- Is Yuri nuts?


DAY 5 = Email 6 (some scary facts)

Subject: Is This DIET Making You Fat? (shocking!)

Hi [firstname],

Have you ever noticed that obesity does not exist
in nature?

All animals are perfectly built for their role in
this world.

Can you imagine an overweight gazelle trying to
outrun a lion?

I don't think so. Might as well serve the gazelle
to the lion on a silver platter.

Interestingly though is that when we domesticate
animals such as cats and dogs, they begin to
exhibit many of the same problems and diseases
that we (humans) do.

Therefore, there must be something in our
lifestyle and diet that is not favourable to the
health of animals, let alone ourselves.

Were animals intended to eat processed foods?

I don't think so. I can't tell you how many cats
and dogs that I've seen that are clinically obese!
It's insane!

So what's going on with our diets that is keeping
us (and our animals) fat?

One of the major culprits is an overly acidic

New research in the journal Medical Hypotheses has
shown that metabolic acidosis is known to promote
increased secretion of cortisol and aldosterone
(two hormones of the adrenal glands).

Cortisol is the body's stress hormone, while
aldosterone plays a pivotal role in water
retention and blood pressure.

Recent evidence also suggests that the metabolic
acidosis associated with a protein-rich diet low
in organic potassium salts (ie. fruits and
vegetables) can likewise evoke a modest increase
in cortisol production.

Since cortisol promotes development of abdominal
fat, and has a direct negative impact on insulin
function throughout the body, even a modest
sustained up-regulation of cortisol production may
have the potential to increase risk for insulin
resistance syndrome, type 2 diabetes, and obesity
– not to mention unwanted belly fat.

This thesis appears to be consistent with previous
reports correlating high potassium (and thus high
alkaline) consumption, or a high intake of fruits
and vegetables, with reduced risk for diabetes,
obesity, and heart disease.

Interesting, isn’t it?

It's amazing how cortisol and other hormones are
dramatically altered when the body is acidic.

That’s just one more reason to make your sure your
diet is more alkaline than it is acidic.

Don’t know how to get started?

Well this will help…

The Best Alkaline Diet for Amazing Health<------------------------ Click here

Talk to you later,



DAY 6 = Email 7 (some scary facts)

Subject: Fwd: Is This Really The Healthiest Place to Live?

Hey [firstname],

I just got this email from my good friend Yuri
(from and I just had to share
it with you. I think it will really make you look
at things a little differently. It did for me.


I'm sure you'd agree that the health of the
Western world is a sad state of affairs!

Obesity, diabetes, cancer, cardiovascular,
osteoporosis, arthritis, etc...

These are all diseases that affect an overwhelming
majority of our population.

Do you fall into any of these categories? If so,
you need to take action now. If not, you still
need to take action now to maintain great health
and to prevent to onset of these "man-made"

A recent study in the American Journal of Clinical
Nutrition showed that there is growing awareness
that the profound changes in the environment (eg,
in diet and other lifestyle conditions) that began
with the introduction of agriculture and animal
husbandry approximately 10,000 years ago occurred
too recently on an evolutionary time scale for
humans to adjust to.

In conjunction with the discordance between our
ancient, genetically determined biology and the
nutritional, cultural, and activity patterns of
contemporary Western life, many of the so-called
aforementioned diseases have emerged.

In particular, the difference between food staples
and food-processing procedures introduced during
the Neolithic era ("The Stone Age" - 8500 BC) and
the Industrial Revolution (late 18th century) has
fundamentally altered 7 crucial nutritional
characteristics of our ancestors diets:

1) glycemic load,
2) fatty acid composition,
3) macronutrient composition,
4) micronutrient density,
5) acid-base balance,
6) sodium-potassium ratio, and
7) fiber content.

These changes have evidently not been to our

The evolutionary collision of our ancient genetic
make-up with the nutritional qualities of recently
introduced foods underlie many of the chronic
diseases of Western civilization.

Have you fallen into the Western food trap? Are
you sick and tired and ready for change?

But what can you do to change? What can be done
to avoid disease and stay healthy?

Quite as nature intended. Eat more
natural whole foods, minimize your intake of
animal products, and avoid refined and process

It's not rocket science nor is it glamorous - but
it works.

Most of us know what we should be eating.
However, if you need help with the "how-to" part
of eating healthy then Eating for Energy will help

This revolutionary nutrition book will hold your
hand and take you step-by-step through the process
of eating for greater energy, health, and a
leaner, more performant body!

But don't take it from me...

Listen to what Tanya from Australia had to say
about Eating for Energy:

"Hi Yuri - I started your Eating for Energy
program about 3 weeks ago. In the first two
weeks, I lost a massive four kilos! Which is
fantastic, but the best outcome for me so far is
the decrease in cravings.

I am usually hungry all the time, but since I've
started your program, my cravings have decreased
dramatically. I'm so excited at what the future
holds for me since I've discovered Eating for
Energy. I can't thank you enough Yuri."

- Tanya Thompsid
Brisbane, Australia

Live your healthiest life ever! <------- Click here

You deserve it!


P.S. Do you really want to be the next victim to
one of the diseases that were mentioned above? I
highly doubt it. But the truth is that if you live
in the Western world, your chances are pretty high
– almost 1 in 2.

I don’t mean to scare you but I need you to
realize that ONLY YOU have the power to prevent
these illnesses. You have the power and
responsibility to take control of your health.
It’s not your doctor’s responsibility and it’s
certainly not going to come from pharmaceutical
drugs or even 90% of the foods that you see in
your grocery store.

It’s time to go back to basics. I really need you
to understand this and that’s why I’ve been
telling you about Eating for Energy. It will show
you how to do all this and more!

Don’t become another health statistic – now is your time! <------- Click here


Day 7 = Email 8 (personal anecdote)

Subject: Did I mention this?

Hi [firstname],

I don’t know if I’ve told you this or not but…

Eating for Energy truly changed my life.

You see, for years I had struggled with….


But it wasn’t until I started Yuri’s Eating for
Energy program that EVERYTHING turned around for
me. I’m telling you – it’s crazy!


Now I know we all have different health issues and
concerns but I believe we ALL want to have more
energy, be healthier, and look and feel amazing,

So if in absolute perfect health and don’t feel
that ANY aspect your health or body can be
improved, then that’s great. Just don’t let it

For the other 99% of us, I strongly recommend that
you stop settling for what everyone expects to
happen to you – grow old, get sick, feel like
crap, etc…

Life doesn’t have to be that way for you or your
family. You can live life on your terms.

But you need a roadmap that can show you the way.

Get Eating for Energy if You Want an Amazing Life!<-------------- Click here




DAY 8 = Email 9 (Remove Blame)

Subject: It’s not your fault.

[First name], it’s NOT your fault!

You’ve been fed this way since you were a child.
No one has taken the time to show you the way to
lasting, vibrant health… until now. <---------------- It’s NOW or never!

Although it’s not your fault that you’ve been fed
lies about “what is healthy” for your entire life,
you now have the power and responsibility to
change all that.

You can have a clean slate. You can finally
replace crappy, processed foods with DELICIOUS

Finally, you’ll get to feel so much better about
yourself because of how well you are eating and
how great you are feeling. <---------------- It’s NOW or never!

You deserve to feel this great,


P.S. Don’t forget that Eating for Energy is 100%
risk-free! You’ve got 60 days to try it out for
yourself and if it doesn’t do the trick for you,
then you get a full, no questions asked refund.

Other than those last 10 pounds, what do you have
to loose? <---------------- It’s NOW or never!



DAY 9 = Email 10 (Justify Cost)

Subject: Why Your Doctor Wants You To Be SICK!

Here’s the way I see it…

The medical establishment is built on treating
“sick people”.

If people were not sick, then there would be no
patients and thus no business for the hospitals
and doctors.

Obviously, that’s never going to happen but the
sad reality is that even your doctor would rather
have you come back for regular visits (at least if
you live in the US) because he/she gets paid every
single time.

Being sick can really drain your bank account and,
in some cases, your entire life savings!

That’s why investing in a proactive program that
can help you get and stay healthy is more valuable
than anything else.

CLICK HERE to Take Control of Your Health <--------- Show your doctor who’s boss!

For far less than the cost of a single doctor’s
visit OR even a dinner or movie for two you can
access a raw foods program that can improve your
health and help you shed pounds for good.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if you never had to see
your doctor again?

Since following Eating for Energy, I no longer get
sick and have not had to visit my doctor. That’s
3 years of awesome health now – woo hoo!

If you told your doctor that simply by eating more
raw, alkalizing foods was the reason for your
newfound and sexy body, he/she would probably
laugh at you.

But that’s only because doctors are not trained in
nutrition. In fact, they get about 10 hours of
total nutrition training in medical school.

So why not have the last laugh? <---------------- Show your doctor who’s boss!

This level of vitality and health will boost every
area of your life. Imagine the positive changes
will you see at home, at work, even in the

Don’t say I didn’t warn you!
























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