According to NEW Study in the Journal Clinical Nutrition, An Acid Diet Increases Risk of Type 2 Diabetes, Uric Acid Stone Formation, Calcium Stone Disease, and More!

Do YOU Have An Acid Problem?



by Yuri Elkaim, BPHE, CK, RHN
Author, Eating for Energy


Let’s be honest…

The Standard American Diet (SAD) has caused nothing but problems for our population. We are fatter and sicker than ever before thanks mainly to the garbage foods we’ve been eating for over 50 years now.

And even though the United States spends the most money on health care, it has the 74th ranked health system in the world (according the World Health Organization).

So obviously throwing money at the problem – from a “treatment” standpoint – is not the solution.

And although there are tons of brand new diet books that hit the best-seller lists each month, I’m going to make your life a whole lot easier by giving you the SINGLE most important factor that will determine your health, energy, and vitality. It will also greatly contribute to your ability (or inability) to lose weight.

Want to know what it is?

It’s the pH balance within your body, and specifically within your blood.

What is pH Balance?

For starters, pH balance is simply the balance between acids and bases in your body. Do you remember the pH scale from high school? It’s a 14-point scale where 0 is most acidic, 14 is most basic (or alkaline), and 7 is neutral.

The important thing for you to remember is that your blood NEEDS to maintain a slightly alkaline pH of 7.35-7.45 in order for you to thrive.

If not, bad stuff happens (as we’ll see shortly). In short though, ALL disease stems from acidic conditions within your body.

This acid-alkaline balance is so important that many of the body’s regulatory mechanisms including breathing, circulation, digestion, and hormone production work 24/7 to maintain the ideal (and delicate) pH balance.

Why is Acid So Bad?

Before looking at some startling research, it’s important to understand that your body CANNOT tolerate extended acid imbalances.

Initially, you might not even realize that there is a problem to correct but with time some of the early symptoms of an acidic body can begin to manifest.

These initial symptoms may include skin eruptions, headaches, colds and flu, and sinus problems – just to name a few.

As the acid problem worsens, weakened organs and body systems begin to give way, resulting in dysfunctional thyroid glands, adrenals, liver, and so on.

As you can begin to see, “acidosis” is a systemic problem. Nothing that happens in the body is ever independent, meaning that something always affects something else.

All of your body’s cells, tissues, organs, and systems are interconnected. Stress one and you eventually stress them all.

The Tip of the Iceberg

The human body is the most intricate and amazing creation of all time. Its capabilities are so far reaching that we still only understand a small fraction of what it can do.

Case in point…

When your blood becomes too acidic it doesn’t take long before your body steps in to do something about it - kind of a like a mom or dad that intervenes when young siblings are at each other’s throats.

Your body’s main objective is to maintain what’s known as ‘homeostasis’. This is essentially a state of balance in which everything can run smoothly.

So, in order to maintain this delicate balance, your body calls a few friends into action.

The first of these friends are bicarbonate buffers. These are “alkaline” substances that buffer excess acid with the hope of restoring a healthy pH.

Unfortunately, because of the excessive amount of acid in most people’s blood, these buffers are often not enough.

So then, your blood calls upon 2 more alkalizing friends: calcium (from your bones and teeth) and magnesium (from your muscle).

As you can imagine, drawing upon 2 of the body’s most important minerals can be a very dangerous long-term plan. And that’s why an acidic body is highly correlated to bone problems and compromised muscular function.

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

We haven’t even looked how your body starts dumping excess acid into your fat cells for storage – another defense mechanism to protect the blood and vital organs.

No wonder it’s almost impossible to release fat if you’re overly acidic!

We haven’t even touched on how your lymphatic system (aka. your “waste management system”) becomes overwhelmed with trying to rid these toxins from your body.

There are so many things that go wrong when your body is acidic that we can dedicate an entire website to just this topic! Hold on, we already have.

Anyways, moving on.

As you can see, when you start to understand that it’s “what’s inside that counts” the little nitty-gritty specifics of your diet mean very little.

The ratio of carbs:protein:fat in your diet means little nothing if your overall diet is acidic. And for most people, that’s the case.

Because the most commonly consumed foods are highly acid-forming, so too are the bodies of hundreds of millions of people. By simply cleaning up your diet (I’ll show you how below), in an attempt to rectify this acid problem, you can avoid getting sick and fat like over 66% of the western world’s population.

If you’re already part of that 66%, then taking action today and addressing the pH balance within your body could be the EASIEST and most POWERFUL thing you ever do!

You’ll never need to resort to another fad diet or weight loss gimmick.

Twisting the Knife a Little Deeper

So we’ve seen that at an acidic body is not a good thing.

But me telling you this is one thing. Seeing what recent research says is another. Or is it?

What follows are a couple recent studies highlighting the realities of this acidosis problem and how easily you can prevent disease by alkalizing your body.

Here we go…

A brand new study in the April 2011 issue of the journal Clinical Nutrition has (yet again) revealed that because the modern Western diet is deficient in fruits and vegetables and contains excessive animal products, it is a leading cause of an increasingly acidic body.

The study also highlighted that this acid problem worsens as we get older due to the physiological decline in kidney function.

Because of this decline, the kidney implements numerous compensating mechanisms aimed to restore the acid-base balance, which can eventually make the urine more acidic, a risk factor for uric acid stone formation and calcium stone disease!

But Wait, There’s More!

The researchers continue by showing that even a very mild degree of “metabolic acidosis” makes skeletal muscle resistant insulin. And being insulin-resistant is the hallmark feature of diabetes.

So now, we’re seeing that an acidic body can be a potential risk factor for Type 2 Diabetes!

Once again, an acidic body is at the root of ALL disease. You name it; there is most likely an acid problem at the root!

The important thing to remember is that these acid problems stem from our diet! Eating too many acid-forming foods is the reason we’re so sick and fat.

What Does an Acidic Diet Look Like?

So you might be wondering what constitutes an acidic diet, right?

And that’s a fair question. The good news is that the answer is no more complex than this…

An acidic diet involves eating too many animal products, refined grains, and processed foods….

And eating too few fruits and vegetables.

That’s it!

Once again, it’s the old story of eating more fruits and vegetables. Sounds simple, right?

Well unfortunately, it’s not.

Otherwise, we would actually see more people getting their 5-10 servings of fruits and veggies each day.

Check This Out…

A recent study (April 2011) in the British Medical Journal revealed that 86% of UK adults consumed less than the recommended five portions of fruit and vegetables per day, with 62% consuming less than three portions.

The researchers even said that it was estimated that inadequate consumption of fruit and vegetables could have accounted for 2.6 million deaths worldwide in the year 2000!

That’s crazy!

The present study also disclosed that eating JUST one and a half extra servings of green leafy vegetables a day reduces the risk of type 2 Diabetes by 14%!

That’s powerful stuff if you ask me.

Think about it…

One and a half extra servings of green leafy veggies is as simple as:

- 1 more cup of steamed spinach
- 1 small bowl of green salad
- 1 small green juice or green smoothie (ie. 250 ml)

Generally, ONE more handful of green vegetables will satisfy that serving requirement!

There are so many studies that continue to show the amazing benefits of eating more fruits and vegetables – the benefits of alkalizing your diet!

The trick is just doing it, right?

Let’s have a quick look at one more study.

Another 2011 study published in the European Heart Journal revealed some startling data analyzed from the European Prospective Investigation into Cancer and Nutrition (EPIC).

The data from this study has shown that people who ate at least 8 portions of fruit and vegetables a day had a 22% lower risk of dying from ischemic heart disease than did those who consumed fewer than 3 portions a day.

Again, powerful stuff by simply eating more fruits and vegetables.

So the choice is yours.

You can follow the masses and continue to eat an acidic diet that is slowly but surely polluting you, making you age faster, creating disease, causing your body to store more fat, and taking yours off your life, or…

You CAN stop the insanity!

You can put an end to all of this right now by making some small and simple changes to your diet that will yield profound improvements in how you look, feel, and perform.

If you’re interested in learning more about how to do this, then I invite you to watch a very important presentation I’ve put together for you that will show you 3 simple dietary steps you can take starting today.


Change Your Life Today!



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